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A  Celebration  of  Women

A Celebration of Women, with texts written by women set to music by women, 

highlights artistic achievements of female composers and poets.


This program's premiere was cancelled due to COVID-19. A future premiere is forthcoming.

When soul is joined to soul (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

Selections from Sonnets from the Portuguese (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

II. My letters

III. With the same heart, I said, I'll answer thee

VI. How do I love thee

Lyric for Truelove (Florence Hynes Willeté)

I Am in Doubt (Florence Hynes Willeté)

Love Let the Wind Cry...How I Adore Thee (Sappho)

She died

From Four Dickinson Songs

I shall know why 

From Hope 

Hope is a thing with feathers

From Hope (Emily Dickinson)

If I... 

From Four Dickinson Songs (Emily Dickinson)

In closer bonds of love to Thee (Fanny J. Crosby)

Amy Beach


Libby Larsen

(b.  1950)

Undine Smith Moore


Lori Laitman

(b. 1955)

Jocelyn Hagen

(b. 1980)

Jocelyn Hagen

Lori Laitman

Juliana Hall

(b. 1958)

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